mercoledì 28 maggio 2014

How to make your own audio mp3 player in Java with BasicPlayer & Swing


The focus of this and the next articles is to guide the reader thought the making of a simple and small mp3 player with Java. The goal is to give the player it's basic functionality (play, pause, skip, next song, etc), but also more sophisticated and useful features like a waveform visualizer. I can provide code for new missing features in the following lasts articles, I'm open for suggestions, just ask me in the comments or email.
Used technology for the mp3 player are: BasicPlayer API from javazoom and java Swing for making the User Interface.

The project it's quite simple but it requires a lot of code, because it's better to divide the project covering different arguments. I'll add and update articles regarding the player in this section.

Why should I care?
The project should be interesting enough for who's interested in building a media player, for common folks interested in Java and programming it covers some general aspects like the usage of swing libraries, using multi threading in a "real time" model.

Download Project: here
Executable Jar: here