mercoledì 4 settembre 2013

MekakuCityDays project - A rhythmic game

In the last three days I got bored and I started to develop a new rhythmic game with Unity that can work both on pc or android.
Since I'm a fan of kagerou project, a series of japanese songs made by Jin, I decided to make a little fan game.
I'm open for suggestion and I really need someone who can test it. I don't know how much more free time I'll have to spend on it, for now here a pre-alpha: DOWNLOAD
In the .rar there is an .apk if you want to play it on your device.

Featured songs are: Konoha's State of The World, Headphone Actor, Shounen Brave.
UPDATE: Blindfoded Code, Night Talk Deceive
Gameplay: Use they buttons - >
  • A or left arrow : for the left trigger
  • G or down arrow: for the middle trigger
  • L or right arrow: for the right trigger
  • Esc : for the menu/pause
ITA: I tasti da usare sono A,G,L. Il tasto Esc mette in pausa/menu.
Il gioco si ispira alla serie sopra citata in inglese.

UPDATE: Seems like so many people downloaded my game that dropbox decided to lock my public account. Don't worry tough, in the next few days I'll come with a new update featuring one more "hidden" song, so please, stay tuned!
Also, if someone know how to contact Jin regarding this project, please let me know.
See this.

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