domenica 15 settembre 2013

Updates on Kagerou Project fan game

Hi guys, just a little update regarding the project. The game is complete I guess, in the past few days I didn't really have much time to work on it, I started working and I've almost finished with my thesis. If was almost complete when I posted the gameplay video. The reason I still didn't have released the game is that I think it's not fair doing this without a replay from Jin and Shido, since I'm using their works. I tried writing to Jin using the contact form from his website, but still no reply. I think the problem is that I try to contact him in english. I tried to ask for help on 2-3 website, only to be turned down. If someone know a bit of japanese please contact me, so that I can get a proper answer.
If I don't get an answer I'll consider to publish the game like any other fan game, hoping it doesn't trouble the owner of the songs. However I don't think I would be able to publish the android version of the game this way. I hope in the future I have a chance to continue with this game, so that I can add more song and features, I really like Outer Science and I want to do something spectacular with it.
Anyway, good news! Here are some of the changes in the new version:
  • You unlock Ayano by getting a good grade in hard mode in any level.
  • The score rating is now better, it's not so insane to get an S.
  • Getting an S in hard mode will unlock a new difficulty.
  • You can skip the logo with back/esc.
Now I don't want this project to die so easily, and I might find the time to fix it while I wait for a reply.
If you want to try the game, contact me. I'll give the windows version to 5 people who have a youtube channel and that can help me by spreading the word posting youtube gameplay videos or review.
Now, thanks again everyone, see you later.

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