venerdì 4 ottobre 2013

Kagero Project Fan Game [>Download Page<]

So, what happened? Why did I make so long to finally publish this thing? Well, not really much happened. I tried co contact Jin until now, twitter, email, IA contact form, nothing. I have to thank a lot of kind people that offered me help and translated stuff from italian to japanese, but in the end, a month passed and still no answer. So what now? I'm releasing a game without the permission of the guy who makes the songs!? Yes.
I'll shut everything down eventually, and it's a fan game I'm not making any money from it.
Anyway, you will notice from the trailer that someone really AWESOME did some audio tracks for the game, yes I'm talking about JubyPhonic. I've to thank her for spreading so much the word about my game, I hope people will be aware of my works in the future.

And now some questions and answers:
-What happened to the android version?
Unfortunately I've to wait for Jin permission for that one, since I plan to publish it on google play in the future.
-There will be more songs in the game?
I don't know. My life is kinda busy at the moment, I would really like to put outer science and sunset yesterday in the game, I think it will depends on how much free time I'll have and how many people are really interested in my game.
-What about iOS version of the game?
Sorry guys, I really don't have the money to buy a mac.
-I like you, I like the game, how can I help?
I doubt someone would like me or my game this much. Anyway, I've made some android application in the past and I'll publish some other games in the market in the future. If you like, give them a try. (You know guys, it's really fun pressing ads on my apps for some reason).

This is it. Have fun with my game.

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